Rodney Alexander Hall

Financial Advisor


Rodney began his path to financial planning while attending Radford University.  The son of parents who own a renowned restaurant in the Greensboro, NC, Rodney was instilled with an entrepreneurial spirit from a young age. Encouraged by this upbringing, along with a desire to help others in the Greensboro community, Rodney took an internship with Northwestern Mutual.  Through this internship, he found a supportive culture that allowed him to launch his own practice, immersing him in a set of values dedicated to helping each client to the best of his ability.


Developing a passion for mentorship early in his life, Rodney extends this enthusiasm as a leader to both his clients and his team.  As a College Unit Director within Northwestern Mutual, Rodney helped cultivate talented college students who are passionate about financial planning, and acts as mentor and guiding example.  His hope in doing this was to continue a culture of excellence and build a trusted team of like-minded financial professionals.  This enthusiasm as a leader extends well beyond his team, helping his clients through financial, professional and personal decisions as well.  In the fall of 2018, he transitioned to a new role as Field Director.  With the continued desire to cultivate storng advisors, he now works with advisors in the career space.


“I’m passionate about mentorship and shared values. As we build deep relationships with the representatives on our team and the clients we serve, our focus is to start with trust and authenticity.”


Rodney and his team manage a national advising practice, and have worked with professionals in various career paths and industries, but have found that the following professions gain the most value from their expertise:



Working with many rising profesionals in the engineering industry, Rodney has developed a deep understanding of the value these individuals place on thorough guidance.  With countless projects and constant deadlines in their schedule, Rodney is able to help these busy professionals create a solid financial plan, allowing them to spend their free time pursuing the activities they love rather than worrying about their financial future.



While many attorneys have the desire and expertise to manage their finances on their own, the duties of their profession often keep them from doing so.  Rodney and his team work as trusted advisors and partners with attorneys, giving each attorney various options as to what actions would be most valuable for their plan. Working together, they sculpt a plan that best fits the future they desire.


Medical Professionals

Medical professionals often let their finances take a backseat when starting their career.  Lengthy hospital shifts and the strain of starting a new occupation leave them with little time to spare.  Rodney employs flexibility when working with dentists, doctors, surgeons and nurses, electing to meet them on their time.  Surrounded by a team that is well-versed in tax-efficient planning and debt reduction strategies, Rodney speaks to these individuals about the importance of being tax savvy and sets a financial course that empowers medical professionals to focus on serving their patients well.


Business Owners

The son of entrepreneurial parents, Rodney considers helping business owners a pursuit of passion.  Working through a wide array of industries, such as food service, logistics, manufacturing, landscaping, and healthcare, Rodney and his team value the ability to advise business owners on corporate structure, executive benefit planning, group benefits,  and retirement benefits.   His team is eager for the opportunity to be a member of what each entrepreneur dreams to build.



Through his own work as a mentor, Rodney appreciates and values the impact that educators throughout the community have on future generations.  He also understands the uncertainties and limitations associated with planning for retirement on the strains of a teacher’s salary.  Through thoughtful retirement planning management, Rodney and his team are able to position each educator in a financial plan that works to maximize the benefits of their pensions, so that they are able to enjoy the fruits of their labor.


Sales Executives

Fluid income and unpredictable cash flow can cause even the most successful of sales executives to balk at the idea of financial investment.  Rodney and his team look to alleviate the pressures associated with saving in a sales environment, helping take advantage of the good times, and putting away funds for the down periods.  Through compensation and benefits package management, Rodney and his team are able to create a financial plan tailored to each executive’s goals and needs. 



Finanancial profesionals spend most of their golden hours preparing plans and ideas for the cleints they serve af often miss out on some of the same oppurtunities they reccomend.  Professioanls that serve as accountants, advisors, brokers, and other wealth advisors enjoy a collaborative approach to building their financial strategy with Rodney and his team.


Financial Representatives do not render tax or legal advice.  Taxpayers should seek advice based on their particular circumstances from an independent tax advisor.


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Years of Experience

Representing Northwestern Mutual since 2014.


Degree Major Institution
Bachelor of Business Administration Management Radford University

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