Rodney Alexander Hall

Financial Representative

We exist to serve the growth of our clients.

Our mission is to partner with each client, helping reach their loftiest of goals through comprehensive, strategic financial planning for the present, as well as the future.


Whether you are a client looking to access your plan, a prospective client doing a little homework on our team, or just stumbled onto our site, we are glad you are here!  We hope that while you’re here, you will:


  • Discover the difference a comprehensive financial plan can make in your life and in your business.

  • Learn how Rodney’s position as a College Unit Director has allowed him to cultivate growth through mentorship within Northwestern Mutual.

  • Find out more about what Rodney and his team can do for clients in the following fields:


Engineers | Attorneys | Medical Professionals | Business Owners | Educators | Executives


If you have any questions, thoughts or ideas, we would love to hear from you.  You can email Rodney directly at

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